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On The Agenda
From: Aralrajas
Added:10 months ago
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"Same in Koran which Stone age Islamists practice to this day."

"Although I still don't like the idea of using her until there's nothing left. Confusion and fear set in.

My mom searching for a better job

"What the hell was that," Cindy whispered before nudging him. Well it was, in a way, but more importantly it was FUCKING INCREDIBLE. Again she shifted a little, and I swear she hiked her skirt up just a fraction of an inch.

Gert's head dropped to his shoulder still she thrusted and howled. It was still morning and this was the only place along the turnpike here that was also a truck stop. She understood I guess because she didn't make any advances so we soon finished and headed for the kitchen.

As I did this, she got up on all fours and moved her head down to my crotch.

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Faeshicage 10 months ago
You wouldn't be complaining so much if that money were coming to you. Solar panels are the technology of the future. Progress doesn't consider the human inconvenience factor.
Gara 10 months ago
Oh.... I got banned from The Blaze too .
Bramuro 9 months ago
All I'm saying is that majority of women don't know that they are even pregnant until they are at least 4-6 weeks along. Then they have to go to a doctor to verify that they are pregnant. The morning after pill isn't 100% and birth control isn't 100% and telling people to just not have sex is not effective.
Bakasa 9 months ago
I'm sure that they do.
Dailkree 9 months ago
"How can the eternal, omniscient, omnipresent ground-of-all-being be said to have a "subjective opinion?"
Kazrajora 9 months ago
Oh, believe me...I will!
Shaktiramar 9 months ago
If you are not much into reading, here is a video about this book:
Dorr 9 months ago
I'm a Christian too, W4KY. And I also am LGBT.
Kale 8 months ago
This is a pretty simple political calculus on Romney's part. Trump polls well in Utah. Romney has a Senate primary run-off later this month and wants Trump's endorsement.
Arashitaur 8 months ago
So, "less intelligent, able, skillful, likely to not be dangerous"?
Zulkikazahn 8 months ago
Warriors too good
Shat 8 months ago
There will be some nasty fcking comments coming from me regarding the douchbags regime. You may even read some real truths.
Kigabei 8 months ago
Why do you feel good about fighting hard to discriminate against people, and to violate the Constitution?
JoJogis 8 months ago
What are you talking about: Measles is WAY better than Mumps!
Keshura 8 months ago
My point was not to answer the question for anyone, but show how the answer could be obtained. That was my point, and Kenny did just that and got his answer base on his interpretation. :) my input was done. Thanks TS
Zologor 7 months ago
I wasn't speaking of physical soap or "dirt". :) Forgive me. I had thought, based on your first post, that you would instantly grok the implications of my statement. :)
Gardagami 7 months ago
I'd say you're going to hell, but you'll probably understand that to mean condemned to listening to adult-contemporary music for an unspecified period of time.
Shakat 7 months ago
Someone want popcorn?
Kazitaur 7 months ago
Hmmm... it was originally written in Greek, and it shows the influence of Stoicism, which was having a revival during that period. The actual word is Logos, which is a sort of universal reason at the root of all language.
Zololkree 7 months ago
Why would any minority need to show humility to ignorant bigots?
Dajar 6 months ago
wrong again, his actual contribution was just under 1 trillion, mostly to the ARRA and the bail-outs, Ask yourself where was the GOP, they did finally sign off on TARP, but that was before Obama took office
Mezijin 6 months ago
How is this a genetic fallacy? Please explain.
Fenrigis 6 months ago
That's just one representative.
Mazugis 6 months ago
EACH DAY 21,000 children starve to death. Great gawd you got there.
Mitaxe 6 months ago
Nope but they do go ahead... ask one
Yobei 6 months ago
No. Tax payers will not be paying any more with vouchers.
Shaktirisar 6 months ago
I have to defend free speech on this one. They have a right to say shitty things just like we have the right to respond in kind to such acts and boycott their bitch asses.
Dumuro 5 months ago
You can feel yourself but that is as relevant as whether you do or not.
Goran 5 months ago
We all have our Hobbies ??
Gazil 5 months ago
so you wipe down all the machines, and work ot with your butt all puckered..
Nilabar 4 months ago
Ok. We can compromise. I am selectively closed-/open-minded.
Aralkree 4 months ago
So? That's not a defense for murdering an innocent man. "Oh... the Jews put me up to it."
Dumi 4 months ago
There was a
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