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1st birthday party games for adults

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1st birthday party games for adults
1st birthday party games for adults
1st birthday party games for adults

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Arashiran 1 year ago
1. Should self-identified "rationalists" actually be rational and objective in their attacks on religion and religious history?
Taurn 1 year ago
To be fair, TFCC, I think that evangelicals are more afraid of gay marriage than progressive Christians, (most) other religions and atheists.
Tobei 1 year ago
When you say that science can't help us achieve emotional fulfilment, I think you're forgetting the entire field of psychology.
Akinoshura 1 year ago
Yet it also borrows heavily from Confucianism and humanism. To say that our morality is Christian in nature ignores the fact that Christian morality condones slavery and genocide and rape.
Zubei 1 year ago
Why is there no side of deep fried twinkies?
Goltir 11 months ago
I saw this conversation on a different OP. When you read the golden rule literally, it says love others like you do yourself. That's fine provided you actually love yourself. Many people don't. I interpret it to mean treat the people the same way you'd like to be treated. Slightly different but I think how it was intended.
Meztigor 11 months ago
Hiding under a rock does not allow one to understand the reality that is now being presented to our innocent, developing children's minds.
Shakagis 11 months ago
>>"You?ve barely even acknowledged the fact that he was willing to sell other, ready-made items to this couple. In fact, you?ve never told us why you think he was willing to do so, and for obvious reasons you probably never will."<<
Dazuru 10 months ago
God doesn't hide, he doesn't even exist.
JoJokinos 10 months ago
I?m no genius on economic policy but have a pretty good historical understanding of reciprocity acts, free trade agreements and so on. The common pleb rabble (us) will ultimately get fvcked by ?protectionism? - the patricians will escape the fallout as usual.
Akit 10 months ago
"Really... you use unleavened wafers for communion? That seems suspiciously Jewish."
Tojakinos 10 months ago
Except the people most offended by the gesture seem to completely ignore what the people making the gesture repeatedly say it?s supposed to signify to give it a different meaning so they don?t have to address the issue that the players are actually trying to call attention to.
Tejinn 9 months ago
The classic shotgun blast approach, make so many claims in the OP that it is impossible to have a focused discussion
Faegore 9 months ago
I got in trouble for arguing that point of view with Butt Stallion.
Terisar 9 months ago
I don't know what easy is. Similar to the word slvt, it's just used to insult women for any reason.
Fegal 9 months ago
is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? WHO GETS TO DECIDE???
Shajora 9 months ago
Look into it don't take my word for it. There are many sources that back up what I am saying.
Kalkis 9 months ago
Ah, the exquisite desperation of a corrupt liar. What she really is urging is for us to elect enough Liberals to maintain party status. To that we should all say, "No."
Yolabar 9 months ago
Jesus is the first and last created directly-all other things created through him-Prov 8-Coll 1:15-16
Tauhn 8 months ago
So am I. March 6th.
1st birthday party games for adults

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