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"Cats tolerate us because we are amusing servants who feed them."

Lauren closed her eyes again, ran her hands across her breasts, and moaned softly. videos-pinksorld, how long has it been, about 8 years?" replied Jason. I turned to face the camera, straddled his loins, and began to slowly masturbate his cock.

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I had to wonder what was wrong with her husband. 'Oh Sharon, that feels nice. I turned to K and said, "Are you ready for a day with the most beautiful big, black cock you will ever see?" She didn't have to reply, the look on her face told me everything.

"Thank you Master. Rani's fingers moved with the rhythm of the brutes and all three came at the same time. I gave K a smile and said, "Here we go girl, are you ready?" She returned my smile so away we marched.

The feelings of his penis in my mouth were intensely pleasant, both physically and psychologically, the extreme warmth of his cock radiating and heating the inside of my mouth, my mind reeling videox-pinkworld exciting in the realization of just what I was actually doing.

His life improved only after Vakil came into it. Once the tentacles were fully fucking her zex and ass, as well as teasing her nipples and clit, she was struggling to maintain any composure at all.

She kisses him on the neck, a sloppily wet one followed by a second and a third. "No one has ever touched my ass before.

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Vuzilkree 1 year ago
And you are a certifiable moron.
Mazragore 1 year ago
I consider it highly unlikely.
Meztile 1 year ago
drunk and high. The epitome of 'good girl'.
Zull 1 year ago
Bible says it's not a living person until God has breathed into its nostrils. If the newborn is breathing, it's different.
Mezikora 1 year ago
I agree too.
Tar 1 year ago
It has to do w/your advice about ignoring reality.
Moogujin 11 months ago
When you and I are dead and gone back to stardust Sherlock Holmes and Robin Hood and Frodo/Bilbo Baggins and Luke Skywalker and Kal El and Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker as well as Dr's Ock and Doom and Darth Vader and Captains Jame T kirk, Jean Luc Picard and Nemo plus Bugs Bunny and Homer Simpson and Stewie Griffin etc and even the gods will be around as ideas. So in the long run who really "exists"?
Negami 11 months ago
I think it's too important culturally to do that... and I don't think we should be scared of ideas. We should embrace them and critique them and give them a good hard thrashing.
JoJomuro 11 months ago
They have no plan
Mibar 11 months ago
I would say it has the quality of self-referential incoherence, but it would be incoherent for such to exist, and non-existent things can have no qualities. :P
Akinotaxe 10 months ago
You can choose to accept Zeus. I don't accept your deity, probably for the same reason you don't accept Zeus.
Brajinn 10 months ago
It was a good example, but highlights an absolute idiocy? Like a one legged man on a tightrope without a net?
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