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"You present it as if incredible numbers of people are working, almost permanently, on this "minimum wage," and they are impoverished and suffering."

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Pee hole prob

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Tukus 1 year ago
All three parties like lawyers or else they all wouldn't be filled with them.
Taugor 1 year ago
Join a group or evening class make friends with people with similar interests
Mezigami 1 year ago
It works for me, but then there's always the Obama slaves and worshipers who think HE DID IT.
Zurr 1 year ago
Wisdom is this in regard to those who accept the binle as the only absolute. You do not test the bible, the Bible tests you in ways you have not realized yet.
Dailar 1 year ago
I normally, would take such a pornographic book unread back to the Library. After reading ha few pages. ?? ??
Mazular 11 months ago
The really big one for modern society is of course Ayn Rand.
Kigak 11 months ago
In Morrow county, it would be impossible to kill all jackrabbits, coyotes or prairie dogs. The ranch I was working on was 3000 acres. You could only try to keep some kind of balance. What you shot was generally what was causing you problems that year, or you'd leave it alone.
Voodoosar 11 months ago
Tyra Banks has talked a lot about how many people made fun of her forehead.
Dokora 11 months ago
Invite whyte rage
Dalmaran 10 months ago
I don't put much stock into which sin might be worse because it seems binary as to the punishment. If you sin, you go to heck. Doesn't matter the sin. Whether you're Hitler, or just tell white lies, both are bound for heck.
Meztishakar 10 months ago
LMFAO!! What did I miss?!
Karg 10 months ago
He's a criminal in the same vein as those store owners who refused to serve black people.
Ditilar 10 months ago
well, largely because that's not true.
Tejind 9 months ago
And who ever cares,will not care in 2 years when your GONE,except maybe your family.
Zolojora 9 months ago
"People are immigrating to European countries also believe in a specific religion. I believe that religion is evil, ergo the people coming to Europe are all EVIL"
Dokazahn 9 months ago
An abortion IS accountability. a child should not be punishment.
Guk 9 months ago
Just tell him you like giving beejes and he'll swooooooooon!
Kagagrel 9 months ago
"The church teaches preaches and insist on the Magisterium, Tradition, theology, the sacraments, etc bu they don't actually practice them"
Doujar 9 months ago
I knew a couple just like this when I worked at a retirement home. He was pleasant; she was horrid.
Zulkisho 9 months ago
Common sense tells me that people who have never heard word one about your particular god can?t be judged for not believing in it. It?s a completely silly idea to think otherwise. And logic says if one invisible supernatural being can exist, then any and all invisible supernatural beings can exist. Yours is no different than any other.
Kilmaran 9 months ago
Well said. Thank you.
Tygorisar 8 months ago
> See the OP for the arguments supporting that premise.
Shakaramar 8 months ago
Because half a dozen people, so far, are telling you that you're wrong.
Nikot 8 months ago
she is late
Tygomi 8 months ago
Yeah, it is fine to post one or two, but after that is just gets spammy.
Kazinos 8 months ago
It's a fair question, but, there is no lobby for divorced and remarried acceptance. No one is pushing it in your face. No one is demanding 'rights' for the divorced.
Taushakar 8 months ago
Tits or titi...
Majar 7 months ago
Believers are hilarious. Some days, they try to disguise the fact that religion is just a form of politics with elaborate arguments about first causes, prime movers, free will, divine plans, etc.
Meztigis 7 months ago
I have a list of different things to do when you're feeling anxious, one was earthing and another was spending time with kids or animals.
Faulkis 7 months ago
It sounds like you are confused by the concepts of consensus and the idea that criticism and revision is part of the normal scientific process.
Mazuzragore 7 months ago
If science could explain where morality came from, I would wager that it would, in fact, "concern itself" with them. Still, you've not answered my questions, but I suppose you don't concern yourself with those either?
Daizilkree 7 months ago
Lot of "what ifs" there....
Julkis 7 months ago
Not so hard to believe you failed to make your point clearly. The evidence is right there.
Yocage 6 months ago
No, the states can't do that. Violation of the federal Constitution is still unconstitutional, josh.

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