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Waffle fabric

This fabric has come to be known as waffle fabric because of its similarity with the confectionery wafer, namely, the cells on the face side of sheet. During application of  special weave method (waffle overlap, we shall talk about it later) on the surface of the waffle cloth (cellular) produces the characteristic fabric rectangles ( cells). Cell size of waffle fabric ranges from 2mm to 10mm. Waffle fabric is divided into the following types: unbleached, bleached, uniformly dyed and printed . Waffle fabric is often called "wafers " .

Waffle fabric - due to high hygroscopic feature
( absorbs 3 times more fluid than any other cotton fabric) is regarded as one of the best cleaning materials. It is used for wiping all surfaces from the machine in the production up to the window in the apartment. It also removes all types of dirt and liquids and  produces a waffle towels and shop towels.

We sell ​​waffle fabric directly from the manufacturer.

  • Width - 45 cm, density - 120 gr / sqm . above
  • Width 80 cm, density - 120 gr / sqm . and above

Waffle fabric