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Loop towel (Turkish toweling)

From small to large in size , there are different colors having the top quality of 100% cotton!

We sell toop towels, bath towels,  kitchen towels, face towels, hand towels, floor towels and etc. ...

Wholesale Goods directly from the manufacturer!

Terry cloth ( Terry ) - the official name " terry " more colloqual - " Terry ." Terry - is a natural fabric, the surface of which consists of the pile surfaces (loops of threads). Pile surface can be a single (one-way ) and double ( double-sided) .

Apart from one-sided and double-sided ones, tissue in relief is distinguished in the structure of terry and terry cloth with cut wool (cut terry).

Terry cloth is usually less dense than the pile end ones. Unlike purely pile end, pile end will be appeared due to the free flow of naps of not tightly stretched basis. Because of the above mentioned features, they will become less stable and even. However, this feature does not spoil the characteristic quality of terry fabrics and on the contrary -it gives it a unique natural feature called "free breathing ". They also have a slight massage effect on the human body and do not cause skin irritation.

Loop towel (Turkish toweling)