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Calico stern

Calico is divided into several types. Severe calico is raw and unbleached cloth with very high strength. This fabric is durable, it keeps the shape, not very wrinkled and wonderful holds crescut fabric distinguished dense weave, making it very strong and durable.

the Fabric coarse calico is notable with the front and inside the same number of main and weft floors, that is reversible. That is why calico has a smooth Mat surface and similar appearance of the front and the reverse sides. In addition, providing the greatest number of relationships between the warp threads and weft, plain weave providing the most durable fabric. Thus, bazavlutsky easy, but at the same time durable cloth. It has low creasing, easy to wash and well-iron. Finally, the inner side is made of 100% cotton, and, therefore, is a natural and breathable fabric.

Calico severe krasati on the different colors and this tissue is called a printed fabric.

  • Width-sm +/-2cm,density-100 gr/m2 +/-3 g/m2
  • Width-sm +/-2cm,density-120 gr/m2 +/-3 g/m2
  • Width-sm +/-2 cm,weight 140 g/m2 +/-3 g/m2

Calico bleached

Calico bleached, due to its high durability and practicality in use, took a firm place in the market of production of clothes and overalls.

Besisira used in production: for sewing bedding, men's shirts, medical service, baby diapers and some types of children's clothes. Calico bleached has ecologically clean and natural composition. This fabric hypoallergen, pleasant to the touch and not cause discomfort in contact with the body. Along with this, it is perfectly retains its shape, not stretches and allows the skin to breathe under clothing.

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  • Width-150 cm,density-gr/m2
  • Width-150 cm,density-gr/m2

Waffle fabric

Waffle fabric got its name because of similarities with the confectionery wafer, namely cells on the front side of the canvas. With the use of special how to weave (wafer overlap, we will talk about that later) on the surface of the wafer fabric is characterized by rectangles (cells). The size of cells waffle canvases ranging from 2mm to 10mm. Waffle fabric is divided into the following types: severe, bleached, gladkokrashenye and printed. Not rarely waffle fabric called "wafer".

Waffle fabric - because of the high hygroscopicity (absorbs 3 times more water than any other cotton fabric) is considered one of the best cleaning materials. Used to optiki absolutely any surfaces of the machine for the production of up Windows in the apartment. Removes all types of dirt and liquids. Also manufactured from it waffle towels and technical napkins.

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  • a Width of 45 cm,weight 120 g/sq.m. and higher
  • Width-80 cm,weight 120 g/sq.m. and higher


Gauze,transparent and yet light-weight cotton fabric. Transparency and ease of this fabric is achieved by the fact that both main and weft threads are not adjacent in marl closely one to another, as in a normal tissues, and are separated more or less noticeable gaps. On the way we produce gauze can be divided into thin gauze and gauze ordinary (lining).

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  • Width - 80 cm,density-from 20gr/sq.m up to 36 g/square meter
  • Width - 90 cm,density-from 20gr/sq.m up to 36 g/square meter

Issued bleached, less severe.


Thin gauze, an oil-free bleached special chemically or processed by carbolic acid called hygroscopic or carbonated and goes for medical purposes as dressings (bandages and so on).

Gauze ordinary, bleached or dyed in various colors used for the lining to the dresses, and especially finished (hard) comes as a lining on women's hats,clothing skirts and things (sewing butt). Also used to using maps.

bath towels

From small to large,have different colors,excellent quality of 100 % cotton!

We sell Terry bath towels,kitchen,for face,for hands,for feet etc ...

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Terry cloth (Frame) is the official name "frame", vernacular - "mahr". Frame is a natural fabric, whose surface consists of a pile (loops main thread). The pile can be either single (one-way)or double (two-sided). In addition to unilateral and bilateral, there are also fabric with a raised pattern in the structure of the mahr and fabric with bobbed hair (cut mahr).

Terry cloth is usually less dense than the pile. Unlike purely NAP, a NAP at them occurs due to the free supply of loops loose tight framework, why they work, as a rule, less stable and uniform. However, this feature did not spoil characteristic qualities Terry cloth, and Vice versa - gives it a unique natural feature of "free breathing". It also has a slight massaging effect on the human body and does not cause skin irritation.

Nonwoven haloprogin canvas

Haloprogin fabric is thick nonwoven material made without involving technology of weaving. Is a non-woven an array of fibres, bonded through small openings with stitches.

Has a high density surface, due to its loose structure, it is hygroscopic and well teploizoplit. Absorbs moisture, dust, dries quickly and easily pressed.

the First stage of production holstering canvas is grinding of textile raw materials (mostly cotton, fiber glass). Then pujobroto basis rolled into a uniform layer, which is stitched zigzag lines, or breaks with needle tools. The material is intended for commercial and construction purposes. In the construction materials PSC-T is used in thermal insulation of pipelines.
Well as for the production holstering canvases use a waste of cotton production (potenko, feathering, waste and secondary raw materials (scraps of fabric, the flap). Such HSP can be color from gray to black.

Frequency lines ranges from 2.5 mm to 10 mm more often stitched cloth, so it is stronger and more durable.

Haloprogin cloth is used as a material for cleaning, washing of floors, and also as a cleaning tool in manufacturing plants. Also haloprogin cloth is used as a cushioning material for furniture and as insulation of clothing and footwear. Used for packing of fragile items.

  • a Width of 140 cm,density-gr/m2 +/-10 g/m


Netcool - durable and well sponge cleaning and cleaning material. Netcool used to optiki equipment, machine parts, tools from oil, dirt and dust, for cleaning floors, walls and glass. Netcool also used as packaging material.

Netcool high hygroscopicity, easily pressed and not leave wipe the surface of the fibers.

Nonwoven stitch canvas has high strength characteristics, owing to which it is applied in all industries and national economy.

Made from 100 % cotton.

  • Width-158 cm,density 160 g/m2
  • Width-158 cm,density-110 g/m2

Terry bathrobes

If you decide to buy a dressing gown, then you've come to the right page of our site. Bathrobes have long become an integral part of our life. There is nothing better than to take a bath and put on Terry robes, who will be happy to give You a feeling of warmth, coziness and comfort.

We predstavlyaem wide range of Terry robes wholesale,which proizvedeno in italyanskom oborudovaniya quality with the same richness of colors, patterns and sizes. Here you will find the widest variety of men's Terry bathrobes. Perfect cuts and wide choice of colours will help you make the correct vyborna products are 100% cotton,this freely in it, you can breathe body chelovechestva hygroscopic.