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Unwoven stitched sheet

Unwoven stitched sheet –is  a thick non-woven material made without the involvement of weaving technologies . It consists in unwoven fibers array, reinforced by seams through small intervals .

It has a high density surface , due to its loose structure , it is also hygroscopic and has good heat-insulating feature . It absorbs moisture , dust, dries quickly and easily pressed .

Disintegrating of textile raw materials (mostly cotton , fiberglass) are the first stage of production of unwoven stitched sheet. Then fluff formed foundation is rolled into uniform layer, which is stitched by zigzag lines, or breaks through needle instruments. The material is intended for household and construction purposes. In construction material PSC -T is used for thermal insulation of pipelines.

Wastes of cotton production ( halching, strips (flocks), losses in yarn)  are used for manufacturing of unwoven stitched sheet, and secondary raw materials (pieces of cloth , flap). This kind of cotton products can have color from gray to black.

Frequency lines are ranged from 2.5 mm to 10 mm. The more often the sheet is stitched, the more it is stronger and more durable .

Unwoven stitched sheet is used as a material for cleaning, washing floors, as well as a wiper in manufacturing plants.
Unwoven stitched sheet is also used as interfacing in furniture manufacturing and as warmth keeping for clothing and shoes.

It is used for packing of fragile items.

  • Width - 140cm , density-140gr/m2 + / -10 g / m

Unwoven stitched sheet