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Gauze is transparent and at the same time it is light weight cotton fabric. The transparency and lightness of the fabric is achieved in that both the beam and weft (filling) yarns do not adhere to the gauze closely to one another , under both normal tissues, and it is separated by  more or less marked intervals . By the method of production of gauze, gauze can be divided into the fine gauze and the ordinary gauze (garment-linings).

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  • Width 80 cm, density - of 20gr/kv.m to 36 g / m
  • Width - 90 cm, density - of 20gr/kv.m to 36 g / m

Bleached form is produced, unbleached one is rarely released.


Fine gauze, scoured and bleached by special chemical method or processed by phenic acid. It is called hygroscopic or carbonized. It is received for medical purposes as a dressing (bandage, etc.) .

rdinary gauze , bleached or dyed in different colors used for dress foundations , and especially dressed (hard ) goes as foundation for women's hats , Hanging hems and other ( sewing findings). It is also used for gluing of geographical maps.