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High-quality textile products from
direct producer from Uzbekistan!

Uzbekistan, Tashkent, 100128, Abay street 16/A
Telephone: (+998 91) 192-32-22
(+998 91) 363-90-49
E-mail: info@uz-textile.com
Skype: abdulvohid_69

Information for dealers

We have very careful approach to the selection of our dealers and partners, just because we love to engage in long-term and serious relationship with them.

We provide training, ready to give you all the brochures and promotional materials. Moreover, if you are new in the market of finished fabrics and textiles, but you have a large number of interesting contacts for study, we are ready to help you bring them to the result.

You will receive a personal manager who will lead you, to do business proposals for you, advise on our products and sales system. You can also talk about grace periods, samples and other interesting conditions.

We have a number of requirements and conditions :

  1. We need to understand that you are a serious compan. In rare cases you are a serious individual with good contacts .
  2. You should have specific requests for elaboration. Yes, we are ready to help them bring to the transaction, but from you we need specifics.
  3. We always start with the dealer relations by the first step and taking some particular order.
  4. If you want to get a good discount, it must comply with the quarterly quota. It is not too great, but for you it's an obligation. And for us - understanding of your seriousness.

Become our partner ( regional representative ) in your hometown , province, region , country and get an exclusive contract for the sale of our products !

It is very easy to do that : write us an email at info@uz-textile.biz or call 998911923222 .

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