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Unbleached Calico

Calico is divided into several types . Unbleached calico – is a raw and gray (unbleached) cloth, which has a very high strength. This fabric is durable, retains its shape , not much wrinkled and takes paint wonderfully. Such kind of  fabric features a dense weave , which makes it very strong and durable .

Calico fabric differs in that it has an upper and seamy side, an equal number of intersectings, i.e. it is a reversible (double faced) cloth. That is why calico has a smooth matt surface. At the same time, it has similar appearance of upper side (face) and seamy sides. In addition, providing the largest number of connections between the warp yarns (threads) and shoots, tabby (taffeta, plain) weave allows producing the most durable fabric. In this manner, grey yarn (unbleached, raw) is a light-weight (sheet) fabric, but at the same time it is an everlasting (strong) fabric. It has low crease retention. It is easily washable and well ironed. Finally, unbleached calico is made from 100 % cotton and consequently it is a natural and ventile fabric.

Unbleached calico is dyed by different colors and this fabric is called printed fabric.

  • Width - 164cm + / ​​-2cm - density 100 g/m2 + / -3gr/m2
  • Width - 164cm + /- 2cm - density 120 g/m2 + / -3gr/m2
  • Width - 164cm + /- 2cm - density 140 g/m2 + / -3gr/m2

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