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High-quality textile products from
direct producer from Uzbekistan!

Uzbekistan, Tashkent, 100128, Abay street 16/A
Telephone: (+998 91) 192-32-22
(+998 91) 363-90-49
E-mail: info@uz-textile.com
Skype: abdulvohid_69

Welcome to the trade house UZ-TEXSTILE, which represents several textile mills in Uzbekistan!

Uzbekistan occupies a vast territory in the middle of Central Asia and in the "heart " of the Great Silk Road. The population of Central Asia is more than 57 million people. More than 30 million of them live in Uzbekistan, the most populous country and the largest consumer market in the region.

Uzbek light industry, in particular, the textile sector is one of the strategically important and fastest growing sectors of the national economy.

In this connection, exemption from import custom’s clearance charges for chemicals, dyes , fittings and accessories imported by "Uzbekyengilsanoat "
(" Uzbeklegprom "), as well as other support materials that are not produced in the country has been extended by the decision of the Government. These materials make this market attractive for manufacturers of such products.

Our trading house has been rendering services in the textile industry since 2012, but during a period of its short activities it has gained popularity among its customers and in the textile products industry.
We export our products from CIS countries: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, etc ... We send them by cars, aircraft and vans (tent) .
Terms of delivery: DAP, CPT, CIP, FCA, FOB (according to Incoterms 2010) .

We produce and sell the following products:
Nonwovens, stitching fabric (sheet) HSP, waffle fabric, netkol – thread piercing material, bleached gauze , loop towels (huckaback) and bathrobes , unbleached calico, bleached calico .

We have affordable prices; we faithfully and timely perform all the tasks we are challanging, at the same time we treat each client thinking about mutual benefit.

All products are made of cotton grown in Uzbekistan!

Payment and shipping terms to be negotiated. Quality and punctual delivery guaranteed.

The company is interested in long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with its partners, as evidenced by our strict adherence to existing contractual obligations. Preferable terms of supply will be provided for regular clients: discounts , special terms of payment and delivery of products.

We invite you to cooperation!