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Shower screen strip

Shower screen strip
On The Agenda
From: Gakree
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"My vedic concept of God is confirmed through my experience. That's the bottom line. All knowledge must be true to your experience."

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Voodoorisar 9 months ago
So if you're onto a meaningful correlation: what's the incidence of Christians in prison like? recidivism rates?
Dojinn 9 months ago
Why would I want him?
Virn 8 months ago
Enjoy your weird fantasy.
Nakinos 8 months ago
Racism?continuing and persistent racism that includes the killing of unarmed black men and boys, but also includes many other race-based injustices both small and large?incited the current trend.
Zulukus 8 months ago
I broke out laughing when you brought up Batman. It all makes sense though. I noticed someone blaming Asencion for all of them but Asencion has his own unique style. It's funny watching them come and go as they get outed.
Fauzshura 8 months ago
You've done nothing to engage the OP's challenge or answer the questions. You've avoided the question, and instead parroted the prepackaged dogmas your religion has given you, which we've all heard before. I award you no points, and may the Flying Spaghetti Monster have mercy on your soul.
Jujinn 8 months ago
Do Any First Century Historians Mention the Jesus of Christianity? The Josephus Forgery
JoJole 7 months ago
And it seems he'll continue to give back to the community for the foreseeable future due to the free time he has, so it's a win/win for all i guess? :D
Mulmaran 7 months ago
Nobody is mad at science. They?re mad at people.
Taumi 7 months ago
Temptation is prior to intent. Temptation is not a sin. Not for the potential murder, the potential loiterer, the potential drunkard or the potential sodomite.
Mushicage 7 months ago
"Given that life now exists on a once lifeless planet it must have originated on its own."
Vudok 7 months ago
I'm not yet 55, and teach self defense to clients all over the world. Your delusion is now complete, son.
Yozshukus 7 months ago
?But, I would offer a slightly different analysis. If the unemployment rates in the African American Community continue to climb, like they did in August by almost a full percentage point, those African American voters who came out to the polls for the first time in 2008 but who have since lost their home and/or their job, may not return to the polls. Therefore, targeting public policy to a community who accounted for 13 percent of the electorate in ?08, and who is now experiencing the culmination of a decade of economic crisis, is not just good policy, but good politics.? ~Maxine Waters, 2011
Kajigrel 7 months ago
They aren?t. You just want them to.
Nikot 7 months ago
So you are calling my experiences and others like me as "horse sh!t"? You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. Calling names and "falsehoods" anything you don't agree with doesn't make it so.
Gardaran 6 months ago
You need to read it again because you are wrong.
Gule 6 months ago
I do not need to proof that I exist. I am speaking to you.
Nikolkis 6 months ago
We?ve all had the problem of women making jokes, but what can you do? Duct tape.
Mazushicage 6 months ago
The Protestant Church doesn't exactly have a sterling reputation for peace and acceptance either, though.
Shakagrel 6 months ago
No everyone doesn't. Just check out some of the fetishes people are into (necrophilia [dead], Coprophilia [feces], Xylophilia [wood]), or look at the ideal woman from different times, or the neck rings of some African cultures, or foot binding practices of some Asian cultures. The list goes on and on.
Faum 5 months ago
I think both are in the wrong. I just think business owners are more accountable because they are getting money for a service
Nekora 5 months ago
He?s imaginary to you too; you just evidently don?t realize it.
Voodootilar 5 months ago
I got a blister on my fingertip from swiping on my phone screen so much, and now the fingerprint sensor won't unlock my phone anymore.
Tojalar 5 months ago
That is true. My comment is towards my experience rather than the specific situation. I said "sounds like", it doesn't mean he is or that I think he is.
Mazutaur 5 months ago
And what is that basis?
Femi 4 months ago
Again, the point is to have 5 or 6 million people self report, at little cost to us, and little loss in productivity. Don't want to pay for 11M people to move to Mexico.
Yozshum 4 months ago
What does "caring" for someone have to do with law and order?
Shaktibei 4 months ago
Owning guns isn't a culture.
Goltigrel 4 months ago
I am never there for the food, if I am not eating at home it's cause my wife insisted on us going out XD
Dutaxe 4 months ago
You really need to dumb down. :-(
Misar 3 months ago
I'm sure you've taken enough semen in the face.
Kazrak 3 months ago
...again, its all you see Kim. I don't expect you to understand. I think the jets go for many other ministries, their use. Kcm does the same thing. Its not for personal use. Things are not a problem for God, like I keep pointing out, the old testament saints had abundance galore. God doesn't care about that, but the heart...the motive. Get that right, and you can bless others.
Shower screen strip

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