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Big butt anal women
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Big butt anal women
Big butt anal women
Big butt anal women

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Dalkis 10 months ago
Fortunately the God thing is only make believe. It's amazing that anyone could think such an absurd thing really exists.
Gubei 10 months ago
I reallllllly wish the animation worked here at this new place.... Wait I have my phone!!! ....but that is data... is Mo-town's post worth it? argggggghhh I need coffee for this decision....
Kazrajin 10 months ago
LOL... from the guy who posted Gore invented the got balls.
Kagazilkree 10 months ago
(((Fuck you))), white trashionalist.
Shakanris 9 months ago
They can be, but not generally from strangers!
Voshicage 9 months ago
why didn't noah put dinosaurs on the ark? there's another contradiction right there for you. most likely scenarios include either god didn't say put x amount of animals on the ark, or god said it and noah didn't do it, or it never happened and dinosaurs were wiped out millions of years before the majority of modern era animals ever existed. otherwise, a major flood event wouldn't only wipe out dinosaurs and not all the other animals. but maybe i missed god's dinosaur clause to noah. anyone know where that verse is?
Vushura 9 months ago
so, we aren't special. That's what I said
Nacage 9 months ago
It is a good sign of growing public understanding.
Karn 9 months ago
The second question implies that these "non-church-goers" who say that they are Christian are actually atheist, and this data does not support this suggestion.
Aragar 9 months ago
Oh tell TFCC that,
Faektilar 9 months ago
An ostrich figure with head in the sand would fit better to illustrate your position.
Kigor 8 months ago
Donny J Shawsy
Fet 8 months ago
Christ will never be received by the mainliners until he returns. He said so himself in John 15:18. To the skeptical he has never risen and so isn't 'bound tofall.'
Malabei 8 months ago
Even though I never
Zolotaxe 8 months ago
Also, I'm more than willing to bet he didn't talk like that IRL.
Akirn 8 months ago
Read a theory that this might date back to our ancestors that may have slept in trees to avoid predators.
Meztile 7 months ago
cool. I look forward to it

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